Hindu colors on a beach

Helen & Jay are two people very different on the outside yet same in the inside, bonded with a deep love for each other. With them the saying “A couple who laughs together, stays together” applies!



Of course, they met in the most hilarious way: Speed dating! Three minutes were enough for them to get each other’s wicked sense of humor that was obvious in every single moment of the Big Day! “Sausages for fingers or broccoli for toes?” That was Helen’s question that won Jay’s heart.

The celebrations began with a traditional Mendhi party at the stunning Emelisse Hotel.

The bride had her hands and feet decorated with the traditional henna designs, a custom with deep significance in the Hindu culture. It is said that the darkness of the mehndi color on a bride’s hand represents the deep love between the would-be-couple.

Spirits were high, everyone giggled and danced, wearing the lovely bangles that were offered as favors.

A couple with such a deep connection obviously designed the Ring together. It had to include a little bit of both of them, to represent how close they are. A traditional white diamond, circled by champagne diamonds for Helen, and cognac ones for Jay. Pure beauty on Helen’s finger.

The dress could be nothing short of stunning. Helen had a vision in her head. It had to be “Greek, beach, indian, summery, English”. Quite a task there! Never did she expect that the One would be actually the first one she tried on. Natural make up, beautiful hair and the most incredible headpiece. Heads would turn!

Her flowers by Benetatos flowers represented the day to perfection. Red, orange, yellow, magenta, happy, different, ethnic, amazing!

Now, Jay is a man of style. A red tie to coordinate with the wedding theme, a blue suit and his favorite sneakers. Well done there, groom!


No eye was left dry in their ceremony, conducted by the celebrant Leonard Dyer. A traditional English ceremony with incorporated Hindu elements brought these two people together forever. Rings were exchanged, as were the garlands. Vows were recited, right after the seven steps were taken. Their closest friends performed readings and the two mothers lit the candles. Simply amazing.

Their private photo shoot with Alexandros Kolokythas was simply heavenly. The alleys of Fiscardo and the colorful, traditional houses served as the most romantic set for their love story to be captured. The sight of them was so good that they were even featured in the local press!

Odyseas Restaurant in Fiscardo… what can one say about it? Just a few steps off the beach, the cypress and fig trees offered tick shade and the ambiance was simply gorgeous! How wouldn’t it be? Red, orange and magenta flowers, little silver elephants as favors,  the couple’s personal touch everywhere!




They came in among cheers and joy and songs by their friends. What a moment! The cake cutting was something else! A three tier sugar paste traditional cake with a spin… the Hindu designs all over it! Glikon Esti Ntina’s Bakery proved once more why they are our top choice! We will never forget the adventure of transporting it for an hour of swirly drive, in the June heat! Worth it, though!

Good food is essential for a wedding to be a success. Mythos +Estiasis proved why they are the best private caterers on the island! Amazing Kefalonian delicacies by the most fresh Greek products! Yum…

And then it was nightime. Everyone was full, happy, had had a bit of wine, had heard the moving speeches under the romantic string lights… Party time! Everyone was dancing and everyone was themselves! You could see sharis next to summer dresses, high heels next to flip-flops!  Everyone let loose and celebrated Helen & Jay’s love.

The night closed in the most spectacular way. A jaw-dropping firework show to signify the beginning of their new life together. It’s Helen and Jay we are talking about. They had to go with a bang!

May you live happily ever after Helen & Jay!