How to select your Bridal bouquet

Select your Bridal bouquet

The bridal bouquet is one of the most important elements of your wedding day! It represents your style and yourselves in a powerful way. That means that selecting it can be tricky!

Mythos Weddings is here for you though, working with the best florists on the island! No fear, then! Let’s take a look at the most important factor when selecting your bouquet.


It is important for your entire decoration in general and your bridal bouquet in particular to coordinate well with your wedding style and in extension your venue!

You have selected to have a Kefalonia Wedding! This place is so unique and should be mirrored in your flowers! Kefalonia is full of incredible natively grown blossoms that will make your bouquet look (and smell) fantastic.

Just some ideas? How about lavender, olive, fennel, bougainvillea, lace fern, eucalyptus, wicker and chamomile? The list is endless and so are the combinations and colors!

The good thing about Kefalonia is that it is versatile! Same thing applies for your bouquet! If you are more traditional the options here are endless as well: Lysianthus, peonies, roses, tulips, ranunculus, hydragea, the more royal lilies of the valley, you name it!

Lastly, a Kefalonia Wedding is the one for you to be original: How about a Protea to stand out or perhaps succulents? And do not fear to be different: How about some feathers for your bouquet to stand out?

It is easy to get confused within all this prettiness! Just look around your own venue and get inspired!


Different colors and flowers are suitable for different seasons. Your florist might be able to source some out-of-season flowers for you, like peonies in August, but they will be much pricier and will wilt faster. Keep in mind that this is a Kefalonia Wedding. The heat can be intense!

For spring, consider a mixture of pink lilies, tulips, and even succulents. This will add a unique touch to any bride or bridesmaid’s bouquet. Color is the key here! Peonies, roses, hydrangea! It is the spring after all and almost anything is available!

If you’re planning a mid-summer wedding, don’t stay away from creating bright, vibrant arrangements with sunflowers, lilies, or bougainvilleas! Be honest to your style and your Kefalonian Venue and make some flower magic!

For autumn nuptials, dried flowers are a hauntingly romantic and rustic choice. Lavender is always our number one choice here! Combine it with eucalyptus or olive and stand out!

Look Beyond your favorite flower

You may have the tendency to want to use your favorite flower, but keep in mind that it might not actually work with the season, your venue or your budget.

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You may have your heart set on orchids, but because they’re both difficult to grow and to combine into a bouquet, you’re likely to spend far more than you would on less fussy flowers. Talk with your Mythos planner about the style and the colors and simply trust your florist!


As sentimental as this might sound, a flower bouquet that is filled with personal meanings and reminds you of a precious moment is the one you want.

Your wedding is one of the most important celebrations in your life, and you want every little detail to be perfect. What could be more perfect than a beautiful wedding bouquet loaded with beautiful memories?

If your fiancé proposed to you with a bouquet of lilies, having lilies in your bridal bouquet will remind you of the day you decided to be his wife.

You can also opt for flowers that have meanings that are close to your heart. For instance, you might want your relationship to have pure and sincere love. You can then combine baby’s breath (signifying sincerity) and red roses (symbolizing love) to convey this meaning.

Above all, make sure you pick an arrangement that you’re going to be happy with. Although flowers fade quickly, your photographs and memories will last a lifetime.