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Joanna & Christian

A picture-perfect Swedish wedding

Once someone lays eyes on Joanna & Christian it is obvious: These two were made for each other. It is not just their fairytalish looks. It is the way they look at each other, the way they speak, the way they move when they are together.

Their Kefalonia Wedding could be nothing short of perfect.

Christian waited to welcome all their favorite people in the world at the picturesque Assos Chapel. The spot was simply breathtaking.

Kefalonia is one beautiful wedding destination, but Assos is the queen of all ceremony spots. And once you think it cannot be any better, the style of this couple took it all to the next level.

An arch of Kefalonian greenery, wildflowers and lavender served as the perfect backdrop for the vow exchange. The elegant Napoleon chairs complimented by little details. And then the guests and family with their smiles… Pure Wedding magic.

The bride’s entrance was out of this world. The sweet sound of the mandolin escorted a glowing Joanna. With her lace, fitting, long sleeve wedding dress and the long vale, she looked like she just stepped out of a magazine. No one could take their eyes off her.

Her bouquet represented her style perfectly. Loose wildflowers offered this note of color, freedom, Kefalonia! Her bridesmaids held smaller versions of the incredible bridal bouquet. They worked perfectly with the mint green dresses, creating wedding style perfection!

The ceremony was just amazing. Full of laughter, a few tears and singing. You could just feel the love between the couple and their friends and family.

Then, time for some canapes by the amazing Mythos Catering, some Prosecco to celebrate .

The way down from the Assos chapel and onto the coaches was a dream! The guests strolled down the cliff under shade of the pine and cypress trees, laughing, singing, happy!

The reception at Odysseas Tavern in Saint Jerousalem was out of this world. The gorgeous tavern was decorated with white hanging lanterns, fairy lights giving our romantic lights and wonderful wildflowers. The long tables made everyone feel like an included family and the simple decoration set the mood.

Greek delicacies were served, wine was pouring and the Swedish traditions begun. Speeches, games, videos, jokes and so much fun! Although not common in Greece or most other traditions, we loved the way they have to honor and compliment the couple and  how they make every guest feel important. Since we are in Greece though, the shots of Ouzo could not be absent!

Then, time for the cake cutting! Under the lovely pergola of the traditional well, decorated with romantic fairy lights, a stunning two tier cake by Dinas was cut, under wishes for the couple’s life to be sweet. The style was simple, fitting the theme and elegant: White frosting and a few olive branches. The best example of “less is more”. The taste though: Amazing!

Christian took Joanna by the hand and led her to the dance floor. The lights were dimmed and the Viennese Waltz begun. These two were like a dream to behold. Beautiful, in love! Suddenly, the music changed abruptly. The fun couple had prepared a surprise! Labanda it was and not long after, everyone was right on the dance floor with them for what was going to be a legendary party!

Not even the storm that came soon after stopped them! Dancing under the rain, celebrating love! These people knew what it was all about!

All the best Joanna & Kristian!

May you live your happily ever after!