An intimate family wedding

Carol and Aggelos… Where does one even start with this wedding, so full of raw emotion and impeccable style? Well, let’s start with a truth: When it comes to the Big Day of one of our own,  impartiality goes out the window and we get a bit sentimental!

Carol is the leading wedding planner of Mythos Weddings. The one who has taken care of numerous brides, always giving a little piece of herself to each event. She is also the one who never had her own wedding in mind! That is until Aggelos came in the picture. This calm force of a man was there for her though times too rough to even put in words. Standing by her like a rock, simply, unconditionally. That made our sassy, free-spirited Carol want to stop living on the back pages of her own notebook (as she once told Aggelos) and settle down with the man of her dreams.


The proposal? Exactly as it fits this amazing duo: simple, with no fanfare and kneeling, over a lunch of chickpeas at home. And guess what! It was actually Carol who proposed!

Now Carol, thinking as a wedding planner, tried to take the unconventional route at first: she was all about black orchids, dark attire details and a more “rock” approach. But sometimes (and that is a piece of advice to every bride out there) you just have to let the venue, the family, the circumstances lead you.


Kalligata is a small village just outside of Argostoli. It is a beautiful, flowery Kefalonian spot, and also the home of Carol. Her home has this stunning yard and the family church just next door is full of family history and beauty. Family is the key word to this event. Carol’s dad was facing a tough battle with cancer and this event was a huge breath of hope and happiness that brought him life and filled them all with joy. It was only natural that the venue was selected! A small, home wedding it was. With only the dearest and closest there to witness it.

Black orchids would be a false note to all this traditional beauty, wouldn’t they? That is how the venue led the style: It was now natural, simple, colorful and simply stunning! In Carol’s own words, her wedding was now “a happy day in the garden, a day in heaven”.

Such a concept called for a very special bridal style as well. Carol is blessed with the most amazing friends, and a designer was here to help. Her simple white boho dress along with her very special, hand-sewn and embroidered shoes were a gift from the amazing  VII personas

 Her incredible designs spoke right into Carol’s heart and made her look like a dream.

This style shined all through the personal flowers as well. Our stunning bride wore a colorful head crown that made her glow, while of course there was the detail that made her stand out: an amazing “bracelet” of wildflowers climbing around her arm, from wrist to elbow. As for the bouquet? This loose, colorful piece was simply a work of art.

Did you know that our Carol is also a singer? When she sings, anyone blessed enough to listen gets chills. It is only natural then that music played a big role in this day. Live musicians, also close friends of Carol, escorted her and her family to the chapel. They all sang together and there was no dry eye around!

Not much was needed for this family chapel to be uplifted: A gorgeous, hanging garland over the door by the amazing Benetatos flowers, the traditional lampades and the tray of the wine and the common cup. Simple, stunning, memorable.

And then it was time for the wedding dinner: A long family table set at the home’s garden made the entire event sweet and intimate. The decor was out of this world. Overhead, an incredible, colorful garland ran along the table, creating a festive vibe while countless tiny vases with wildflowers made the tablescape unique.

The lovely detail here? The traditional bombonieres (the Greek wedding favors), handmade by the lovely bride’s friends and family. That made the little stylish pouched filled with jordan almonds even more personal.

And finally… the cake! Just look at this picture and let its sheer beauty sink in. This work of art by Two Cherries with the edible flowers speaks right to our hearts and as for the style… if this Couple was a dessert, they would be just that! Stunning, simple, colorful, delicious!

This event was traditional, sweet and emotional. The pictures by Carol’s best friend from Enet Images, capture these sweet moments and speak a thousand words.

It was the best day for a couple and a family so full of love.

We love you, Carol and Aggelos. Enjoy your happily ever after.

A big thank you to our colleagues- friends: