Sailing into vintage love

This is a wedding in which Alexandros Kolokythas, their incredibly talented photographer, got inspired into creating images that will last forever. Here is why:

A British bride and a Greek groom living in Australia? This combination makes for a Kefalonia wedding to remember!

These two amazing people met on a night out in Australia, when the best man got them together with the most cliché and funny line: “Have you met Adam?”. The rest was easy. Their love for adventure and travel, along with love and humor kept them together forever, leading to their amazing wedding in Kefalonia

The question was popped at home, since Adam was too eager to propose to Charlotte and could not wait to follow his original plans through! And then the decision was easy! They were to get married in a tucked away beach, with sun on their faces, sand between their toes and their family there. Their Kefalonia Wedding dream was about to come true!

The celebrations kicked off with the best idea ever: A wine tasting on the beach! Everyone got to know each other and enjoy a wonderful evening, preparing them for the amazing day to come. The best start for a destination wedding in Greece.

Everyone aboard and off to Koutsoupia. Time for a beach wedding! The setting there was out of a dream. White sand and the most stunning arch with pink and ivory peonies. Elegant, simple, stunning. Benetatos Flowers really got the sense of it all and created an amazing backdrop for their vows to be exchanged. That is what a Kefalonia wedding should look like.

The guests take their seats and the groom awaits. Charlotte arrives on a speed boat, nothing short of a goddess. A simple, boho, timeless dress, almost no make-up, easy and loose hair. She was simply radiant, holding her amazing bouquet

There are no words for the ceremony! It was romantic, intimate, beautiful! A wedding ceremony as it should be.

Funny moment: When Len, the celebrant called upon one of Charlotte’s best friend for a reading, she wouldn’t go, since he had opened the ceremony with the one she had picked! A passage from Captain Corelli’s mandolin saved the day!

Then a few drinks and Kefalonian nibbles by the incredible Mythos +Estiasis and everyone was off to the most amazing Greek Tavern in Skala! Old Times is a lovely place with stunning sea views and the most delicious Greek food! Everyone loved it and Charlotte with Adam could not be happier!